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How Does a Prime Rate Change Affect My Mortgage Payments?

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MCAP Safeguard Mortgage

At RMG, we know that some goals in life are expensive – whether it’s renovating a kitchen, sending a child to school, or buying a second property.

The MCAP Safeguard Mortgage is a special benefit available to RMG homeowners, which lets you easily access the equity you’ve built up in your home as cash – without touching your current mortgage.

As a second mortgage solution, the MCAP Safeguard Mortgage leaves your current mortgage untouched, so you avoid refinancing and early payout fees – and you don’t have to wait until maturity to add it.

Learn more about the MCAP Safeguard Mortgage

Here’s why the MCAP Safeguard Mortgage is a great choice for RMG homeowners:

  • Easy: It’s a second mortgage that can be easily added to an existing and eligible RMG mortgage
  • Access cash: Access the equity you need at great mortgage rates
  • Keep your current mortgage as-is: No need to touch your existing RMG mortgage
  • No payout fees: Because you’re not breaking your mortgage, you avoid early payout fees

Apply online today or contact RMG to learn more about the MCAP Safeguard Mortgage.

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