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How Does a Prime Rate Change Affect My Mortgage Payments?

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RMG Mortgages offers a variety of products and programs to fit the diverse needs of Canadian homeowners.

Residential Mortgages

We offer a variety of residential mortgage products that provide flexibility to fit your lifestyle.

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Bridge Financing Program

Our Bridge Financing Program allows you to borrow against your current home to secure a second property.

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Cash Back Program

The RMG Cash Back program provides homeowners with up to 3% Cash Back of their total mortgage.

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Secure Start Life and Disability Insurance

Mortgage Insurance for Real Life. Get the coverage you need to secure you and your family’s future.

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MCAP Safeguard Mortgage

The MCAP Safeguard Mortgage is a special benefit available to RMG homeowners, which lets you easily access the equity you’ve built up in your home as cash – without touching your current mortgage.

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Borrowed Down Payment Plan

Our RMG Borrowed Down Payment Plan makes it easier to reach your homeownership goals and buy a property sooner, as it gives you the option to borrow for your down payment.

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