Customer Service

Our goal is to provide knowledgeable and responsive service
in whichever way is most convenient to you!

We can help you:

    • Change your payment
    • Find out your account balances
    • Make a prepayment
    • Convert from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate
    • Discuss options for additional funds
    • Answer any of your questions

Simply contact us using any of the following methods:



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866.809.5800 (toll-free)

866.371.0132 (toll-free)

RMG Mortgages Servicing Centre
P.O. Box 351, STN C
Kitchener, ON N2G 3Y9

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Resolving Customer Complaints

As a RMG Mortgages Client you have come to expect a high level of customer service. If you have a complaint regarding our service or policy, we have created a complaint resolution process that is effective and efficient. Every employee who receives a complaint is expected to take ownership and ensure that your complaint is resolved quickly. Please click here to find out more.


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